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Investment Opportunities

With significant, valuable local knowledge and a team of property professionals working on your behalf, our investment opportunities are lucrative opportunities to make your money work for you and see a significant return on your capital outlay. 

If you want to start a brand-new property portfolio, add to an existing one, or simply benefit from a guaranteed fixed return or interest rate, we are here to help. 

Interest Rate Investments

Bank interest rates are, to put it politely, pithy; the average account offers between 0.5% and 2.5%, and the latter is only offered by a select few. Given that inflation rates peaked at a five-year high of 3.1% in 2017 and often sit around the 2% mark, saving cash often leads to negative growth. 

We offer a guaranteed interest rate between 4% and 10% for both short and long-term investment options subject to your initial capital outlay and length of the agreed term. For short-term investments, payments are made at the end of the term as a single payment whereas long-term investors have the option to be paid on more flexible time periods. 

Property Portfolio Investments

If you have the capital to invest in property, either to trade it or hold it in the long-term for rental earnings and capital appreciation, you can join our property investment initiative by getting in touch form. 

Property Acquisition

Our unbeatable local knowledge means we can source properties with high ROIs that meet your criteria, needs, and circumstances.